It is time to change tactics.


We need immigrants. The United States has a low birth rate and an aging population. This is not sustainable. It seems to me we need to craft our immigration policy in a way that benefits American citizens and our great country.

Unfortunately, our two political parties are deadlocked on this issue. The Republicans are split between those who want to close the border completely and those who enjoy the cheap labor. Democrats want open borders because they perceive those who come in will vote Democrat. 

It is time to change tactics, and Texas can lead the way. It is clear our border is overwhelmed. Our facilities are overwhelmed, as well as our brave border agents. When faced with an overwhelming challenge, it's time to get tactical. Here is what I propose:


Reciprocity: For remittances

Meritocracy: For prosperity

Legitimacy: For manageability


“Doing the most good for the most people means making immigration policy that benefits not only Americans, but those who want to come and contribute to our great nation.”


Reciprocity means the state of Texas taxes remittances to immigrants' host nations. These funds will go into an education account to upskill our labor force.

Meritocracy means that if you have skills Texas needs, the state should sponsor you for legal status.

Legitimacy means that if you make it to Texas, you will get a classification and an identity card, unless you have a criminal background from your home country, in which case you will immediately be turned over to federal immigration authorities for deportation. Whether or not you stay here depends on your conduct. 

Unfilled Jobs

Between 2012 and 2019, the number of jobs not filled in the US hovered around 6 million. During the Covid lockdowns that number dropped to around 4 million. Since the middle of 2021, those numbers have risen to around 10 million (FRED, 2022). There are a number of reasons for this, not the least of which are incentives to not work created by government payments. 

Nevertheless, this problem has been going on for many years and shows no indication of abating. We need skilled workers, we need tradesmen, we need professionals. I'm all for those jobs going to Americans, but if our citizens are either unwilling or unable to fill them, we need to get busy finding those who will. Our economy is the foundation of our national security, and our economy needs this.

Citizenship Matters

Allowing illegal immigrants to vote cannot be tolerated, anywhere. We must continue to protect our border, and we can do a much better job at doing so.


We also must acknowledge that we have a de facto open border and behave accordingly in ways that help America and American citizens. 


Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (2022). Total unfilled job vacancies for the United States. Retrieved from FRED, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis;, January 20, 2022.