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I'm Just Sayin' 

This page is where I share with you some of my thoughts. I am also interested in yours. Please share your ideas as well. 


In Praise of Kamala

Ok everybody, calm down. I know she's a lefty and has an annoying laugh, but going down to Central America to address "root causes" was a good idea. Here is what I propose:

The problem with Latin America is corruption. If you don't have the rule of law to enforce contracts and a strong banking system that gets audited often, you just can't have prosperity. You get rampant corruption, which results in poverty, which leads to massive emigration for a better future elsewhere, like in the United States. 

I propose we take banking south of the border. These would be US banks, run under US banking laws, audited often by US companies that do these things, and under the scrutiny of US regulatory agencies. 

I also propose that any monies remitted to these countries from workers in the US must be deposited in these banks, no exceptions. 

These banks would be just the seed that grows into a mighty tree of ethical monetary governance in our neighbors' countries. There will be no prosperity there until the corruption is brought under control.

You don't want the bank? That's fine, no more remittances and no more aid from the US government. 

I'm just sayin'. 


In Praise of Russia

Ok everybody, calm down. I know a lot of people are upset by the situation in Ukraine right now, but we are behaving in ways that in my view do not support US interests. Let me explain.

In 1973, we were involved in a death struggle with the communist Soviet Union (what would later revert to being Russia after the Soviet collapse). Then president Richard Nixon went to China, another communist country, and befriended them. As a result, the China America friendship served as a counterweight to the Soviet Union. This is considered by many to be Nixon's greatest foreign policy triumph. Some Americans thought it unseemly for the US to engage a communist country, but it worked in our favor.

Russia does not like NATO on it's doorstep, and who can blame them? NATO was begun to protect Western Europe from the Soviet Block, a federation not seen since the early 1990's. It looks like NATO exists solely to allow Western Europeans to neglect their own defense budgets and defer that responsibility to the US. Is that true? Can anyone tell me why we have NATO anymore?

If Ukraine becomes part of NATO, it would make Russia very nervous, given that they are neighbors.  Is it necessary to prod Russia on an issue that so provokes them?  

Now we face another foe. Ironically, that foe is China. 

How about we cozy up to the bear and give the dragon something to think about?

I'm just sayin'. 

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Idea 3.

This is my third idea.

Idea 4

This is my fourth idea.